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Popping the Pomposity Balloon - End of the RNC 2012

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I fell asleep during parts of last night's convention that I wish I had been awake for; the Internet does allow me to catch up, though I think I might have enjoyed the sequencing of events from the floor. (CPAC seems to have that online so I can play that on the computer and put tennis on the TV). I did awake to Rubio part way through his 'introduction of Romney' (and he is always fun to listen to) and I did follow the Romney speech.

And I knew as I listened it was not for the floor of the convention, but for the few undecided voters still out there who need to see they can trust this guy to do his best. I do not think we would see him off golfing much.

Romney is no rhetorician, but I found it quite good, very moving in places. In fact this damned convention just got me more and more moved as we progressively learned more about what a good person this guy is. The story of the missing rose should have hit a lot of people. And he does not have to sing that story in any soaring way; one need only tell it. (And BTW go to that previous generation Romney history and think about his parents' choices; impressive lives.)

Still my favorite moment in the speech was the stinging line in which Romney quietly and lightly mocked that nonsensical line from Obama about stopping the rise of the oceans and healing the earth, contrasting it with his much more modest and believable purpose. A purpose he has clearly lived for his whole life in his personal life.

I have noted today that this sent Chris Matthews into apoplexy on MSNBC, arguing it was climate change denial. What a tin ear! That passage had ONE message and I suspect most people who do not drool over Obama heard it clearly. The Great Windbag is a Great Windbag, and I AM NOT.

I know I heard it clearly. And while I admit Romney is a politician, he is not cut from the grandiose self-important cloth of The Great Windbag (BTW if you do not come here that is indeed Obama).

It has been a lot of fun to read various commentary this morning. William Jacobson just posted a nice summary of the closing speeches/performances. I confess to stealing the word 'mock' (well its present participle) from his post.

Another article posted today was a very good one from Andrew Ferguson; I do not have fond memories of Romney from 2008. But he documents the turnaround on Romney I have been encountering this summer.

I missed seeing live what Byron York says the most extraordinary story of the convention. And damn, I think I am glad I did not see that live; might have been too much for me.

And Clint!? Lots of opinions; when I got up SillyWife messaged me not to bother but I did go find a clip a couple of hours later. I thought it was very funny, if the tone was a bit weird. Was he incoherent, or playing the grandpa down the hall with some folksy questions for the empty chair/suit/rhetoric? I don't know. But I recall the twinkling eyes of Rowdy Yates and I have no reason to doubt he knew just what he was doing. He was contributing but clearly marking his independence (the wars would never have been mentioned on an RNC script).I suspect part of the response may have to do with knowing his full amazing career, almost all of which I got to watch. Perhaps you have to see the Dirty Harry movies back when they were made. So my default is to think he did just as he planned; sure it tossed the rhythm off a bit, but I cannot believe Rubio did not get it right back.

That was really a great political convention; I like watching them and do not recall one since the days when we did not have dramatic votes that had more to engage me.

DNC coming up! I hope they can find a lot of people Obama helped in extraordinary ways and maybe some shred of apparent economic competence to document, only for the entertainment value the debunking will provide. Oh social media, you make it so much more fun.

Bring it on!

Last Updated on Friday, 31 August 2012 11:24

Lost in Your Twenties (and your poor damned parents)

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Paul Ryan found a great line last night but I am amazed at how fast the YouTube community responded..

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I'd have worked a little harder at making the poster fade in a sort of Dorian Gray mode but it would have taken me a lot more time.

Still - Ryan's theme = this guy is an old story - seems to work.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 August 2012 18:10

Condi Squared!

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Rondi caused me to go back and watch Condi's whole speech. Watching it live I missed how brilliant it is.

Perish the thought Romney does not win this election. I have indicated in the past that I think he is the most decent human being to run for this job in years (a close competitor to the two Bushes perhaps, but with a less complicated history). That is not necessarily how you decide on a President but I like it as a start.

But if he fails, sign me up for Condi 2016 (or maybe Christie 2016, or maybe Ryan), but wow she impresses me (and yes she has issues from her part in Dubya's administration, that bother me less than they likely bother you).

I love the image of that little Birmingham girl and her brave parents who let her believe in herself. Made her believe in herself!

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And her crazy willingness to buy into it!

(BTW Note that that video was posted by MamaBarracuda, a close relative to the Grizzly.)

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:16

I Love Ryan's Sales Job

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He's not exciting - he is a cheesehead and just wants to do his job.

And he will be ready for 2016.

Are the Democrats lining up the next round of candidates? Maybe Hillary. Does not seem like 'next' somehow.

"He was a gentle presence in my life..."

Ryan is playing this beautifully.

He and Romney both have incredible personal stories.

This will be interesting, I think.





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Wow this Republican convention s revealing one pile of talent, and if there is a disaster and that clown gets re-elected, we have now seen Chris Christie make his first 2016 speech and wow did Condoleeza Rice make hers tonight!. So much talent (and there are lots of other secondary characters).

Rice was astonishing to me; she was aggressively making her case, maybe even for 2020, but what an attractive figure.

I will be watching the Democratic convention with the same interest but one must realize that any real talents will likely be suppressed until the next go-roiund.

But Condi - what a great speech!

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:20


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What a pro!

Piers Morgan pressed Condi on 'where is he'?

Like almost no president in recent history he has left his legacy to his successors and does not want to fuck up their lives.

I regard this as ultimately professional and it is how I always treated my management jobs. Sure, I may have talked with the successor but NOTHING became public outside that room.

Bush has SO lived by that. If only Clinton, or, even worse Carter, could have learned that rule.

Just on a side note: I think Condi is SO attractive.


The Guy is a Dork

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Fred Thompson tweets wonderfully.

Oops! Obama refers to top Navy SEAL as "General". Even worse, followed it with a speech supporting another bailout of "Admiral Motors" 


Shooting fish in a barrel is not a lot of fun. Well, OK it is fun. But I would rather have a serious result of  removing this guy from American public life.

But really, how ignorant, and stupid, should a president be before his populace bails on him? Well, we had Jimmy Carter (still engaged in useless mischief). 

This president, I think, has earned the same honor. We shall see.

Obama is so bad I am finding McCain's speech tonight quite moving.


RNC Speeches of the First Night

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Few of the speeches surprised me though it took some other blogger (sorry - forgot who) to point out that every speaker I saw was the child of an immigrant, except perhaps Chris Christie, who nonetheless brilliantly referred to the ethnicities of his parents.  Rondi links to a terrific analysis of Christie's speech.

In the worst of circumstances, Christie's speech nicely kicks off a 2016 campaign.

I am a bit more of a sap, and I have to admit I was dragged a different way, and it astonished me. I am an atheist, inclined not to be particularly "pro-life", but Rick Santorum caught me off-guard., And it is even funnier, as I now watch it on-line, that he looks kind of greasy (Italian dad?), but I find what he says is really quite excellent. And there is no question he actually had me moved a couple of times, as did Ann Romney, and certainly Christie. But Santorum's hand sequence I loved (I said I was more of a sap) and of course his reference to his daughter, one reason, not the only one, he did not prevail in the primaries, had me in thrall as well.

I look forward to more fun tonight. And at the DNC!? Can the DNC actually match this lineup? John Kerry to orate on foreign policy?! Aaarrgghh.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 12:30

Cultural Appropriation

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No doubt that is what an asshole would call it. It seems to me incredibly respectful behavior and in quite a moving context.

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In fact there are few things better than a solid dose of cultural approriation.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 14:47

A Magic Night

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If only he had clearly enunciated "One small step for a man":

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"The Eagle has landed" is still a beautiful phrase.

RIP Neil Armstrong.

UPDATE: I have NO recollection of "The Eagle has wings." That is so pretty a metaphor especially as you know the moon has a neglible atmosphere.

UPDATE2: And what I love about this even more, having spent the most satisfying years of my life working on giant projects, is that this might have been about the biggest in many ways in its time. TO get SO many people working so much together is NO mean feat. I was NEVER in a meeting where the 'Go-Nogo' decisions were so immediate or the stakes so high, but the feeling is recognizable.

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 August 2012 13:50

The Obama Generation

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Such a great moral leader.

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Why Michael Bloomberg is Mayor

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I think Michael Bloomberg is in many ways a bad joke, but watching his press conference about the shootings outside the Empire State Building today, it became clear to me how he came to be Mayor of NYC.

That guy can control a press conference!

That is no minor skill.

One might want him to possess other more prosaic ones, but we can start with that one.

Last Updated on Friday, 24 August 2012 10:49

Bring It On, Says Rich Lowry

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Now there is a lot of potential fun here.

Michael Mann threatens to sue National Review and editor Rich Lowry invites it!

And all this is of course provoked by Mark Steyn, whose delight in being funny slides beyond his concern about total accuracy.

In this case, calling Mann's 'hockey stick' graph fraudulent is at least arguable, and, as Lowry points out, is certainly not meant to accuse Mann of actual legal fraud.

But Mann, who seems to me totally self-absorbed and extremely prickly, does not like the damage to his brand. And his lawyer, amazingly to me, thinks threatening the National Review is a bright idea. Well, I hope Mann's vanity pushes this forward.

A back story in all this that baffles me is that of the Canadian media. I recall Mann doing some interview on CBC Radio One a while ago on the occasion of his releasing his whiny book, and was puzzled that there was no hint the CBC had asked Steve McIntyre to appear. Now I can believe Steve would not want to engage in this pettiness (a specialty, in my view, of Mann), but I wonder sometimes if the CBC is even aware of Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick in their own backyard.



I Am Pretty Sure I Have Never Been in Vegas

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Reno certainly a couple of times and South Lake Tahoe. But never Vegas, and certainly never with Prince Harry.

OK Who Among Us Read Henry IV Part I in School?

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Well I certainly did not get it then, but mostly because Charles decided to let his crazy happen when he was a lot older, that tampon-man.

And now we get Vegas Harry.

OTOH he is only the spare, as the original saves a Canadian hiker. What I find funny in the reporting is that they describe Will as a helicopter pilot, and do not report that Harry is one as well, when not on weekends in Vegas.

Party on, lad! How did you beat your security team?


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