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Once Upon a Time Part 2 - Men vs Women

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I am only three episodes in and trying to catch up. Is it just me or are the male characters essentially without character compared to Emma, the mayor and Miss Blanchard? Other than, of course, Henry.

Where this is relevant, it seems not to differ much in the two tracks of their lives.

The casting is a delight; as an inveterate House MD fan, getting Jennifer Morrison back is a treat. I have loved Ginnifer Goodwin in a couple of m,ovies (she seems to have very big feet, which is not at all bad), and Lana Parrilla has so much fun in her makeup in the fairytale part of the story. The male actors have had no influence on me so far but I will give them some time.


Once Upon a Time

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I am a bit concerned about the premiss of this TV series; it seems to have to drive to an end so it cannot just go on forever like a police proedural.

And maybe that is part of why it is so effective. When Emma tells Miss Blanchard that she should read to the coma patient I both laughed and cried at the same time in a way I do not recall doing in a very long time.

The development id all a tad slow for me (I never watched Lost) but I really enjoy the idea. And I am very much enjoying the cast.

TV is SO good now.


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