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So Much Lost in Twenty Years

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Philippe Rushton has died of a nasty degenerative disease.

What astonishes me is that only twenty years ago one could have a debate about this perfectly obvious point.

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And the astonishment is more that nobody would be allowed to do this on a University Campus now. More power to you Western!


UPDATE: Having watched it, all I can say is Suzuki got off to a good start in his sleazy career of smearing people without reference to any basis in facts.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:45

Grudging Acceptance of the Beatles

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I was deeply geeky as a kid so was pretty resistant to the Beatles.

But this is one of the greatest country music songs ever written or performed:

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And this is one of the loveliest songs I know, and that includes one pile of arias despite grammatical challenges.

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Yeah I owned the white album and all that but really it is that early stuff I still now think was really good before they went off the rails.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:05

50 Years?!

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This BBC experiment regarding the Beatles' first single 'Love Me Do' is wonderful and somehow a bit sad.

Coldplay? Guesses one kid - a great compliment to Coldplay, I'd say.

"It's kind of boring because they just keep repeating the same thing over and over again."

In the defence of those young'uns, I had no interest in the Beatles until their Ed Sullivan appearance and then only in the event rather than the music, which I now grudgingly accept as quite good.

I did from the first moment I heard it love the line "She was just seventeen. You know what I mean."  though I found it rather lurid. And now for me it would be more "She was just 57."

Still, how do we maintain the heritage in such fast-changing times?

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Last Updated on Thursday, 04 October 2012 09:53

Justin Trudeau Announces ...

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... he wants to run for the leadership of his defunct party.

I must say his announcement speech is terrific.

What a roll of the dice this is for a party about to vanish into history.

This boy has charisma but Stephen Harper has proven that charisma is only mildly needed. And I think that is right. I cannot stand this kid, but he is impressing me.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 October 2012 07:54

The Basic Decency Discrepancy in the US Election

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Steve Sailer has decided to pose the question.

Easy call, I suspect.

BTW nobody has to vote on a decency basis. Competence would be more important. Wait, ....!!


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One of my sisters asked me a question via e-mail about Gangnam-Style, and it got me reflective.

And of course it was not just that - it was also that I have been reading the wonderful 'The Locavore's Dilemma'.

And it made me realize I just do not remotely get the anti-globalization mentality.

As a kid I dreamt of faraway places, and had many travel books. Most of the places in them I have not seen, nor will I ever. I wound up, growing up in Ottawa, in Toronto, what we all knew as a hell-hole! (I have lived quite a few places though.) The irony is that I do not have to go to a lot of those places; they have come to me! And it so enriches my life, and I suspect that of many of the arrivers, and of their families back home.

But to find oneself in a world where Gangnam-Style has such reach is just SO amazing. Some South Korean goof puts together this silly performance and the whole damned world is on it. As I have often said, what a wonder had this been my childhood!? It is what I dreamt of as I dreamt of faraway places. And I will I could have NO way to find the scores in the tournament.

Now to be kinder to Gangnam-Style, I have to confess that I find all the parodies exhilirating and a lot of fun.

So here's another, maybe helping confirm that Islam is not utterly crippling to a decent life:

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Ryder Cup Final

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Words somewhat fail me but what an enjoyable ride that was! I'm glad I was rather neutral about the outcome, but this was likely as much fun even for the losing side as the winning.

Some just great moments. Luke Donald silencing the crowds by going ahead of Bubba Watson early. Poulter being the Ryder Cup Poulter - he is such fun to watch. If only he seemed so intensely high-performing in tournaments. Mickelson applauding Justin Rose after his putt on seventeen. And so much else.

It all seemed quite good-natured compared to some such competitions I have watched (witness Mickelson).

Joe Posnanski has a nice summary of the final round. I especially enjoyed his description of the McIlroy near-fiasco, which almost suggests the captain's error in this case may have been providential.

And so, he left his hotel room at 11 a.m., only to be called and told in a panicked way: “You are teeing off in 25 minutes.” A helpful Chicago police officer was there, and when he was told what was going on, he said to McIlroy: “Do you get motion sickness?”

McIlroy said: “No. Just get me there.”

McIlroy was not sure how fast the car went. He just knows that it was fast enough. McIlroy reached Medinah with enough time to put on his shoes and rush out to the first tee. No practice time. No putting time. He had looked tired throughout this Ryder Cup. But suddenly, he looked quite excited … a near no-show at the Ryder Cup will get the heart pumping. The first ball he hit all day was his tee shot.

He birdied two of the first six holes to take a two-up lead against Keegan Bradley.

Thanks, sport of golf, and all those involved in putting on such an excellent entertainment.


Singles Day at the Ryder Cup - General Reflections

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I am expecting this to be a lot of fun before it ends. It would be hilarious if it came down to Woods, who has been singularly ineffective, though possibly improving.

a) So the story is that Rory McIlroy got his start time from The Golf Channel, who use Eastern Time, which makes perfect sense as their viewers are likely well trained to hear times and translate the time at which they tune in to that. McIlroy, meanwhile, seemed not to recognize that Chicago might be in another time zone. Now I do not see a real excuse there; he plays the European tour, and it functions in at least two separate time zones.

But this seems to mark another problem. What the hell sort of team organization allows a player to show up based on his own idea of what his start time his?! There are only 12 players; surely it is easy enough for the rather top-heavy team management to get this simple communication in place? I would be less surprised were the team captain not a Spaniard (and the player Irish).

b) Luke Donald did tee off first to a silent crowd. And as Bubba approached the tee, the crowd noise dropped, whereupon he turned around, hands upturned in a question. When the crowd resumed its cheering, he teed off, a little wildly. He did recover to split the hole. But he has not been the Bubba of Friday and Saturday so far since.

c) McIlroy seems not to have lost any form for having missed his warm-up. This is no surprise to me.

Back later.

UPDATE: Poulter is not quite yesterday's Poulter.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 12:58

How Timely - Blasphemy Day!

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Taslima Nasreen documents that today is blasphemy day, and observes it! I'll follow her suit by grabbing a couple of hercartoons and posting them here.


I Knew Love Would Do That - Ryder Cup

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I figured Bubba Watson would go out first. I sure hope Luke Donald has Poulter's attitude to first-tee chaos.

Watson having charged up the first-tee crowd, I suspect the atmosphere will persist.


Please Let This Ryder Cup Afternoon be a Roller Coaster

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Because the projected lead of the USAians over the Europers is now 11-5 and that starting score suggests we might not go down to the wire tomorrow.

Overall I tend to cheer USA USA in a qualified sort fo way but I certainly will not this afternon!


And Poulter Follows Suit at the Ryder Cup

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Teeing off just before Bubba Watson, Ian Poulter urges the crowd to cheer loudly as he tees off. Watson follows suit and repeats yesterday's tee-off through crowd noise.

Might this start to break the atmosphere of reverential silence so characteristic of golf?

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 September 2012 10:08

Is Anything More Wonderful than this Great Ability to Make Fun of one Another?

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Come on someone has the balls for Islam Gangnam Style?

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 September 2012 10:06

I Love Bubba Watson - Ryder Cup

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He completely ignores the crowd noise, does not await silence, and tees off with a bomb. This is so much fun!

Ryder Cup Friday Morning a Roller-Coaster

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Wow! It has been so up and down - at one point Europe had a projected 4-0 lead (these projections just take current scores). It's not quite over but it looks like a 2-2 finish this morning. 

Azinger is somewhat surprised Couples is sending Woods out again this afternoon; of course in the afternoon all the bad balls belong to you for redemption.

At least Europe is not starting out with an embarrassing lead over the US team. It may take a couple more rounds.



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