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Home October 2012 DWTS - There is Too Much Good Stuff on TV

DWTS - There is Too Much Good Stuff on TV

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Yeah I know the chattering class view is that with all the channels there is nothing.

But I have found it REALLY hard to enjoy Dancing With the Stars the way I once did because of competing shows on other networks, worse, on normal networks, not those cable weirdos I am trying out but barely watching (cancellation notices coming).

I was SO lucky Monday night - in an ad break for what I wanted to watch the heart of this YouTube happened on the channel I switched to.

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This was so ludicrously good I came back in commercial breaks the next night where they did it again. It was surely the most joyful dance I have ever seen on DWTS.

No question it is Shawn Johnson for whom I am now cheering for the season.



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