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Opera Atelier, Utter Class

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I returned from my business trip last weekend in utter distress; I had never heard of "twisted ribs" but the ER doctor was clear and unambiguous.

The solution? Tylenol and time.

Now this IS the diagnosis I generally like, except forĀ  the time-related element.

But what really mattered is that SillyWife and I had tickets to the Sunday afternoon Opera Atelier show and there was NO way the level of pain I was suffering would allow that.

I, well, we as season ticket owners, asked whether maybe we could see the show later in the week when presumably the pain would lessen (and it is lessning).

Opera Atelier signed up!

I am mostly sorry we well see the last show of the series. i love being early and raving in the hope that some new people will buy tickets.

But nonetheless - tx Opera Atelier! We love you!

UPDATE: I can now fully inhale with only mild pain. Progress!

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