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Soulpepper's 2011 Season

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It's now up on their website and it makes me wonder what I will want to see.  I basically sat out 2010 as it had no appeal for me.

2011 is VERY confusing, featuring so many re-treads. 

Now 'Oleanna' is not a Soulpepper re-tread.  I saw it at Canadian Stage with R. H. Thomson and Kristen Thomson.  Soulpepper plans to feature Diego Matamoros and Sarah Wilson; this strikes me as really interesting.  Matamoros is magnificent at playing incompetents and cuckolds, and so should be utterly different from Thomson.  Sarah Wilson has been wonderful and also seductive in all her roles I have seen, quite different again from the other Thomson.  I am tempted.

'The Fantasticks' I have yet to see.  My readers know I occasionally post Jerry Orbach's YouTube singing of 'Try to Remember'.  I won't burden you again.

But then we weirdly get 'The Time of Your Life' and also 'Our Town', and apparently with much the same casting, though I do not see Ms. McIsaac in the latter.  I highly recommend both, but am unsure I need to repeat the experiemce. 

And ' Billy Bishop Goes to War', while it IS great, is still featuring John Gray and Eric Peterson!  Ageless, I guess.

Further re-treads are 'The Glass Menagerie' and 'The Odd Couple'.

This seems to me incredibly unlike their first year, when they did 'Don Carlos'.  Talk about gutsy and challenging.  What happened?

For daring it seems now there is only Opera Atelier in Toronto.

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