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Home September 2011 What - Homosexuals Can Be Bullies?

What - Homosexuals Can Be Bullies?

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In spades!

John Nolte documents a truly amazing recent case.

Because too many of us have become desensitized to the vile attacks thrown at the Palin family on an almost daily basis, you have to sometimes imagine these things happening to someone else in order to fully to comprehend just how awful and ugly they are. Imagine it wasn’t 21  year-old Bristol Palin in that bar being heckled by a Hollywood bully, but instead it was one of Barack Obama’s beautiful young daughters being raged against by a tea partier.

“Your mother’s a whore!” “She’s evil!” “Your mother’s the fucking Devil!”

This is unthinkable … and yet it happened.

And the 47 year-old coward who attacked this young mother isn’t some street bum. According to TMZ his name is Stephen Hanks and according to his Twitter feed he runs Stephen Hanks Management in Los Angeles and one of his clients is no less than [**********], who some of you might recognize from the long-running television show [*****].

It's a revolting performance and no amount of Obamapontificating endlessly about being civil can hide the fact that the lefties seem to be the ones who feel the most freedom to behave in public like pigs.

Of course this is part of a deeper problem in our entertainment industry:

If you want to know why the Hollywood blacklist against conservatives is real and why Hollywood conservatives stay in the closet, look no further than The Stephen Hanks Management Company.

Even L.A. Times’ blacklister Patrick Goldstein can’t believe that a raging scumbag like Stephen Hanks would even consider doing business with a Palin supporter. Good heavens, he can’t even stand having the Governor’s own daughter on his turf.

Hanks’ outrageously unacceptable behavior will not only be tolerated in Hollywood, many will celebrate it. And not based on principle. Again, this kind of attack waged on one of Barack Obama’s daughters would bring a withering amount of condemnation.

It’s partisanship, pure and simple. 

This guy actually tweeted that Levi Johnston was his hero.

The most hilarious tweet Nolte presents is one pointed at him: "How's your boyfriend Andrew?"

Let me get this: a homosexual suggesting that Nolte is a homosexual in order to discredit him?

I give up. Some people are beyond help.





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