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Home February 2012 "Contraception" Controversy

"Contraception" Controversy

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There has been much fuss about the Obama administration's strictures about insurance and contraception, and some entertaining sugestion that there is a controversy about religion involved in their proposals.

John Cochrane points out that the REAL problem is that this is an area where insurance should play NO role.

Insurance is a bad idea for small, regular and predictable expenses. There are good reasons that your car insurance company doesn't add $100 per year to your premium and then cover oil changes, and that your health insurance doesn't charge $50 more per year and cover toothpaste. You'd have to fill out mountains of paperwork, the oil-change and toothpaste markets would become much less competitive, and you'd end up spending more.

He continues to point out how this ridiculous situation has been created by the very stupid idea of making health insurance contributions by employers tax-deductible, a sorry distortion.

In the end it is clear Obama and his team want to subsidize contraception; I think I would be a lot happier if they just did that, rather than hide this in silly regulations.



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