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Home March 2012 How Thick Is My Bubble

How Thick Is My Bubble

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Pretty thick; I scored 4, and my attitude is rather like Bryan Caplan's. He beat me by one point. I suspect I may have scored something crazy low had I not been in a high school band and picked apples in my teenage years.

Indeed, I wish outsiders the best of luck.  My only request: If you're not happy with your world, don't try to pop my beautiful Bubble.  Either fix your world, or get to work and make a beautiful Bubble of your own.

We can do a lot to create our own bubbles, and mine was definitely constructed.

On a scale from 0 to 20 points, where 20 signifies full engagement with mainstream American culture and 0 signifies deep cultural isolation within the new upper class bubble, you scored between 0 and 4.

In other words, your bubble is so thick you may not even know you're in one.
Well, all it takes is occasionally sitting in a bar to realize how thick it is, so I do know.
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